Thursday, November 25, 2004

Remember, wild Turkeys kill six people every year.

Have a good holiday. Don't eat too much.

For a good time, click here!

-No sir, I don't like it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tis the season to be merry. Well, that's my name. No shit?!

Busy, busy, busy... no time for a real post.

Instead I offer two links to interesting things.

Link 1.

Link 2.

And if you want to watch something really disturbing, watch this!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Okay America, bend over...

My God are the Reds wasting no time. The election is barely a month over and they’ve wasted no time bending over the people of America. First we find out about the little provision that Rep. Ernest Istook attempted to slip into the giant onmibus spending bill. This little provision would allow lawmakers access to the tax returns of anyone. Hoped no one would read the bill did ya Istook? Thought it'd slip right in, huh?

But that's not all! The same GOP lawmakers that bought you that little dandy, have also brought you this! That's right, the same party who drilled you with the "only we can protect you" lines and the "a vote for Kerry is a vote for America's destruction" has stalled the same intelligence reforms they touted prior to the election. Now, this isn't some reform deal that has been batted around for a while. This is a bill that has passed both the house and senate and was in a joint committee. There wasn't some problem with the bill, no way Jose. This was a Red attempt to hold up something that would pass without a problem for a specific reason. They want to tack on something that the left won't like. This way, when anyone complains about it, they will be accused of "not wanting to protect America" or "being lax on defending out country," or the grand daddy of them all, "not being patriotic enough."

Since this big omnibus spending bill is going to pass, I thought I'd pass along a helpful link. This is our national debt as of 9:14 P.M. EST: $7,451,301,669,446.29. If you click on that link you will see what the debt is at the time you click it. By tomorrow the debt should have risen by almost a million dollars. The dollar is going down faster than a... well, you get the point. Future economc activity for the United States is down for the fifth straight month. This is not good news. I hope you diversified your investment portfolio. If the market goes downward, there may be no stopping it.

In closing, if you think Bush is good for the economy, take a look at this.

-It's not what you cut, it's what you don't cut

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The elf needs food....

I want to start off with a more somber note today. I recently spoke to a friend of mine on the phone, and we chatted for a while about a mutual friend of ours, I’ll call him Mark. Mark joined the Army not too long ago and has made it into the Army Rangers. I try to imagine Mark in battle over in Iraq, fortunately he is not there, and the turmoil he would face. I then look at CNN and notice the death toll for the Falluja campaign has reached over 50. I pray to God that our fighting men and women get home safe. I hope Mark never has to experience the type of fighting our men and women have had to endure over in Iraq. I don’t think it’s anything most people can really fathom. Here is a site that I was pointed to. Check it often, and pray for the families of the departed if you are religious. Help them in any way that you can. Remember, supporting a war and supporting troops are not one in the same. Supporting troops is viewing them with respect, honor, and dignity and realizing they are doing a job they have no choice over. Be mad at commanders, angry at leadership, but do not insult our boots on the ground. They defend this country when it is needed and should be thanked for it, and thanked often.

In other news, the Reds have passed the Delay Rule in the House and from what I hear no one seems to want to talk about whether they voted for it or not. This really pisses me off. The same people who constantly complain about making government more transparent are the same people who run into a locked room whenever they know they are doing something wrong. I mean, come on, at least have the balls to admit when you aren’t below contradicting your moral majority asses. Delay will be indicted and then you all will look oh so classy for hanging out with a criminal. By the way, do any of you people actually know the type of people Delay runs with? Well, here, check this guy out, and this guy too.

I'm going to wrap things up with a little fiscal responsibility. Evidently, the House, the same classy people who recently voted on the Delay Rule, are moving towards giving the administration another 800 billion they can spend away on top of what it is already allowed. This would be the third increase since Bush 2 took over. Boy, for a party that raves about fiscal responsibility they sure seem to like to spend money they won’t have to pay back. Evidently, none of the rich people will have to either. Did you know that after WW2, the top 2 percent of the country, which was mainly industry, paid for 40% of the governments revenue, this was all taxes and whatnot. Today they account for around 12%. Trickle down my ass. As the brilliant George Carlin once said, “Trickle down economics still means someone is pissing on you.”

-No sir, I don't like it

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is indeed a disturbing trend...

Man, I go to visit D.C. and all hell breaks loose in Washington. For those concerned, my trip went well, the client is satisfied for the moment, and I can move on to more important business matters.

Well, looks like they have officially cleaned the colon. Mr. Powell has officially called it quits. I feel bad for this guy, having been hung out to dry so many times by the White House. He’s going to be replaced with Condi “I was a teenage cavewoman” Rice? Okay, because she has management experience. Mr. Powell, I can’t wait to read your book, I’m sure it will prove most of my sentiments on the current administration.

Let’s talk Tom “The Hammer” Delay for a moment. Here is a guy who may very well be indicted by the Texas state prosecutors, but yet may have the House rules changed so that he can continue to serve? Wow, talk about the moral majority. I wasn’t aware it was okay to commit a “crime” and continue to serve in office. I mean, I’m no political expert here; I’m only going off the precedent that was set by the same Republican Party back in 99. You know the one, where they decided that if the President committed a crime by lying about a blow job he should not be able to continue to serve in office. Now, I know Delay is below the president, probably in more ways than one, but I assume this precedent has an umbrella effect working from the top down. I could be wrong.

This New CIA scares the hell out of me. Porter Goss is telling people that their job is to “support the administration and its policies in our work.” Forgive me, I thought the point of the CIA was to “provide knowledge and take action to ensure the national security of the United States and the American life and ideals.” No where in that statement does it say, “we will bend over when asked, come up with intelligence that is steered with a political agenda, and otherwise do whatever is told by the administration without doubt and with total blind faith.” I'm being serious, it doesn't. I looked. As a matter of fact, one of their Missions is to provide “relevant, timely, and objective all-source analysis.” I see Goss changing all of this. The CIA will become a rubber stamp of an administration that is already on record saying they create their own realities. Matrix my ass, we’ve got the White House. Goss has kicked out anyone who doesn’t agree with administration, you know, the badasses that make us feel safe when we go to bed at night. I’m sure they’ll all be replaced with Bush advisors. Oh, oh, oh, maybe they will fill the newly opened slots with people who applied for positions at the Heritage Foundation. I mean, that’s how they filled the spots for the people who will decide on how the Iraq budget gets spent in Iraq. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Now, WTF is this? They are letting poor people volunteer their kids to be guinea pigs for the chemical industry? Where the hell is the compassionate conservatism? Oh that’s right, this is the same compassionate conservatism that is also taking funds away from these poor kids schools because they can’t get “good marks” on standardized tests. This really pisses me off. The study, titled CHEERS (Children’s Environments Exposure Research Study) is from the same people who brought you the Healthy Forest Initiative and the Clear Skies Initiative, the EPA! This is the same EPA that is headed by Michael O. Leavitt, the same guy who as Governor downplayed the toxic releases reported by the mining industry, been involved in backroom deals that lock the public out of the decision-making process and seriously damage the environment, and moved Utah in 2001 to the second highest volume of toxic chemical releases in the nation. This guy is a real winner, I’m sure he’s looking out for these children’s best interests. But that’s the right for you: Love the fetus, hate the child.

I just don’t get it. How can a party that is obsessed with abortion not do everything completely in its power to make sure the children that are not aborted are taken care of? I mean, one obsession should lead directly to another. Anyone that obsessed with making sure children are born should be equally obsessed with securing the well being of these children. Imagine what might be accomplished if instead of worrying about who is sleeping with who, if two men they will never meet can sleep together in the same bed, if the words “under God” need to be plastered all over the place, if uber-rich people are allowed to keep onto their money after they die, whether or not stations should be fined because a black breast was exposed during the half time show, if they weren’t so obsessed with defining liberal as a bad thing. Scary to think of all the free time that they might have to actually get things accomplished.

This whole thing just irks me. It’s not okay if gay guys can get married and lead the same lives as everyone else, but it is okay if we study the effect of chemicals on poor kids? This is a really fucked up country if that is what things are coming to. How can anyone seriously think this is okay to do? I don’t see anyone lining up rich kids to test anthrax vaccines on, but line up the poor kids if you get a shot. They all just suck off welfare anyways, right? Fuckers.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Away on business…

I’ll be in our nation’s capital Monday and Tuesday on business. I'm staying at this really ritzy place on Dupont Circle, might even see some important people responsible for screwing me over! Oh goodie!

Therefore, I most likely will not be posting anything over the next two days. That is, unless I’m sitting in the hotel lobby having some drinks and Ted Kennedy sits down next to me and wants to talk politics, or Bush falls off his mountain bike again, or Cheney has a heart attack, or Colin Powell punches Rummy in the face. As much as all of these are likely to occur, I doubt they will happen over the next two days.

So, enjoy Monday, screw Tuesday, and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday.

-You tried and you failed kids. The lesson is, never try.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Sir, I have a letter for you from some crazy guy?

Let’s talk about a few things shall we?

First off, Mr. Bob Jones sent a letter to good ole GW. Now, GW and Bob go back a ways. In case you forgot, it was at Bob Jones University that GW officially made it clear he was running for president back in ’99. Ah, Bob Jones University, where men and women are not allowed to hold hands. Actually, they might be able to hold hands… I’m not sure; I’ll have to check on it. Anyway, the letter is really crazy and whatnot. I urge you to check it out at least once.

It looks like the Education Secretary Rod Paige will be leaving Bush’s cabinet. I’m sorry to hear that, he was a good man. Actually, I’m lying, this guy sucks. I’m not to sure if you are aware of what the “Houston Miracle” is? It was this big ole crowning achievement of the Texas Educational system where dropout rates plunged and test scores soared. Well it was all a big sham, a total lie. Rod Paige was superintendent in Houston when all this went down and he helped in cook the books to create the so called “Houston Miracle.” Anyway, they modeled the whole No Child Left Behind act after the “Houston Miracle.” Everyone knows how much of a winner NCLB has been. I’m happy to see this guy go, because anyone who thinks that cutting funds to schools that perform poorly and giving that money to schools that do well is a good idea has their head up their ass. Keeps the poor kids ignorant and the rich kids smart, good ole compassionate conservatism right there if you ask me.

Looks like things are starting to heat up for the DNC Chairman position. The two candidates are Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. One is old school who things moderates are who the party needs to start appealing too. The other is new school who says fuck the moderates; we’re going to get some balls again around here. They are like night and day. The democrats are pretty split over whom to side with on this. I can see both sides of the argument. Other people think that we should have a black chairman, and thrown out former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. I like Dennis. He did a decent job in Detroit. I grew up outside of Detroit so I know a little about him. However, I don’t think he is a good choice for this spot. I say if you’re looking black look no further than NY Rep. Charlie Rangel. That guy is a badass. Personally, I like Dean. He got me energized about politics again during the primaries and I think he will get new blood moving at the DNC. I feel like Vilsack will be more of the same, and that is one of the reason the DNC has not made and new ground with the people. Nor citizens want energetic people to get behind. People like Barrack Obama, that guy can talk and boy does he make you want to do something for your country. Whomever wins, I just hope they have a set of balls and aren’t scared to takes some risks and just don’t pander to special interests and whatnot.

I'd like you to check out this site, Media Matters For America. It's run by a man named David Brock. Brock worked for the slime that tried to take down Clinton. Well, he's seen the light now and doesn't do that anymore. The site takes to task journalists who basically completely steer to the right on their reporting. As much as it could just attack Fox News all day, and it does plenty of that, it will also take on the NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post when they mess up too. There is some interesting stuff on the site worth checking out. They try to update as close to real time as possible.

I got Halo 2, so, I'll be taking care of that issue this weekend. Enjoy.

-I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Let’s talk Grover Norquest for a minute here. I was flipping through the channels yesterday and came upon him on CSPAN giving a speech somewhere. At this particular point in the conversation he was talking about the Estate Tax. Never heard of it? Oh, wait, you must live in a red state, there it’s referred to as the death tax. You know, that tax that is never going to affect you because you don’t have enough wealth for it to matter? Don’t know about it still? Well, I’m not here to educate you on that, let me get to my point.

He mentioned that he was against the estate tax, as most people on the right are. However, it was what he said after that they really chafed my willey. He said, and this is almost a direct quote, “I would rather see the Kennedy and Kerry kids able to drink their inheritance away then see it taxed when their parents pass away.”

Now, I’m not sure where he was coming from on this, but I know why he chose familiar “LEFT WING” rich children as examples. That’s because he’s an ass.

Seriously though, why the Kennedy’s? It is because they saw John and Bobby killed, their fathers? Hell, if I saw my father killed I probably would want to drink my inheritance away too, in order to try and cloud the memory.

And the Kerry kids? WTF? Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember any of the Kerry kids every being shown as being alcoholics or ever associated with drinking and/or partying. As a matter of fact, the Kerry daughters were the epitome of how children of those running for office should act. They were classy, intelligent, articulate, and never charged with underage drinking.

The Bush twins on the other hand, also rich children set to get a HUGE inheritance if their parents pass, have been charged with underage drinking. The twins are known for being huge party girls. Have been on the record saying that after the graduated they just want to float around and help out for a while before having real jobs. The twins are known to be the first to tip a few back. All in all, they’re just not classy girls.

So, Grover, why didn’t you talk about the Bush twins in your example? I mean, they seem to be well on their way to drinking their inheritance away. Oh, it’s probably because the same people who would normally attack the girls are obeying the President’s order to “Respect my daughter’s privacy.” You know, these are the same people who time and time again called Chelsea Clinton a dog, hideous, and so ugly it almost hurts to look at her. However, since King George declared his daughters are off limits they must obey.

And there is a difference between the twins and Chelsea. The twins were 18 when King George took office. Chelsea was 13. Way to go guys.

Stilled piss about the election? Click here.

-beware of yellow snow

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ding dong the witch is dead?

"The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved."

Evidently, everything is okay now. No more need to worry.

I mean, WTF? Did these words really come from the mouth of our Attorney General, or soon to be former Attorney General? Actually they didn't. They came from his hand written letter? Perhaps he was too worried about all of the bull feces that would come out of his mouth if he attempted to speak these words aloud.

So, if the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved, what was all this talk about terror before the election? If I remember correctly, wasn't it Dick Cheney who said that if we choose the wrong person to be president we would all be hit by attacks again?

Oh, and let's talk about quality legislators here. South Carolina elected Jim Demint to the senate. While I was aware this guy was an ass, since I lived in the greater Charleston are for less than a year, I had no idea just how BIG an ass he was.

The Misanthropic Bitch summed it up the best when she said in some e-mail I was sent:

Your choice for senator, Jim DeMint, thinks that gays should not be teachers. He said the government should not "endorse homosexuality" and "folks teaching in school need to represent our values."

After being called out, DeMint defended the comment in an interview and went on to say that single, pregnant women who live with a boyfriend shouldn't teach, either.

After being called out again, DeMint claimed that sometimes his heart and head don't always consult, and he says something he shouldn’t say -- which is the kind of quality that screams, "Elect me!"

Anyway, a lot of this talk about Kerry sill having a chance to win the election is starting to wear thin on me. I'd much rather start to concentrate on me. I dig Air America as much as the next left wing pinko commie latte drinking fancy pants elitist, but give it up Randi. I think Mark Maron said it best this morning when he said "Where is John Kerry about all this? He's no where, because he doesn't believe in the conspiracy!" And this was from Mark Maron, THE conspiracy nut at Air America. I mean, there is no way Bush being president for a second term is going to get reversed, we'll be in worse shape as a country if that happens than 4 more years of Bush.

Howard Dean as chair of DNC? Hell yeah!

-stay black.

Monday, November 08, 2004

What a classy guy. Posted by Hello

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It's not God I have a problem with, it's his fan club I can't stand.