Thursday, November 18, 2004

The elf needs food....

I want to start off with a more somber note today. I recently spoke to a friend of mine on the phone, and we chatted for a while about a mutual friend of ours, I’ll call him Mark. Mark joined the Army not too long ago and has made it into the Army Rangers. I try to imagine Mark in battle over in Iraq, fortunately he is not there, and the turmoil he would face. I then look at CNN and notice the death toll for the Falluja campaign has reached over 50. I pray to God that our fighting men and women get home safe. I hope Mark never has to experience the type of fighting our men and women have had to endure over in Iraq. I don’t think it’s anything most people can really fathom. Here is a site that I was pointed to. Check it often, and pray for the families of the departed if you are religious. Help them in any way that you can. Remember, supporting a war and supporting troops are not one in the same. Supporting troops is viewing them with respect, honor, and dignity and realizing they are doing a job they have no choice over. Be mad at commanders, angry at leadership, but do not insult our boots on the ground. They defend this country when it is needed and should be thanked for it, and thanked often.

In other news, the Reds have passed the Delay Rule in the House and from what I hear no one seems to want to talk about whether they voted for it or not. This really pisses me off. The same people who constantly complain about making government more transparent are the same people who run into a locked room whenever they know they are doing something wrong. I mean, come on, at least have the balls to admit when you aren’t below contradicting your moral majority asses. Delay will be indicted and then you all will look oh so classy for hanging out with a criminal. By the way, do any of you people actually know the type of people Delay runs with? Well, here, check this guy out, and this guy too.

I'm going to wrap things up with a little fiscal responsibility. Evidently, the House, the same classy people who recently voted on the Delay Rule, are moving towards giving the administration another 800 billion they can spend away on top of what it is already allowed. This would be the third increase since Bush 2 took over. Boy, for a party that raves about fiscal responsibility they sure seem to like to spend money they won’t have to pay back. Evidently, none of the rich people will have to either. Did you know that after WW2, the top 2 percent of the country, which was mainly industry, paid for 40% of the governments revenue, this was all taxes and whatnot. Today they account for around 12%. Trickle down my ass. As the brilliant George Carlin once said, “Trickle down economics still means someone is pissing on you.”

-No sir, I don't like it


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