Friday, November 12, 2004

Sir, I have a letter for you from some crazy guy?

Let’s talk about a few things shall we?

First off, Mr. Bob Jones sent a letter to good ole GW. Now, GW and Bob go back a ways. In case you forgot, it was at Bob Jones University that GW officially made it clear he was running for president back in ’99. Ah, Bob Jones University, where men and women are not allowed to hold hands. Actually, they might be able to hold hands… I’m not sure; I’ll have to check on it. Anyway, the letter is really crazy and whatnot. I urge you to check it out at least once.

It looks like the Education Secretary Rod Paige will be leaving Bush’s cabinet. I’m sorry to hear that, he was a good man. Actually, I’m lying, this guy sucks. I’m not to sure if you are aware of what the “Houston Miracle” is? It was this big ole crowning achievement of the Texas Educational system where dropout rates plunged and test scores soared. Well it was all a big sham, a total lie. Rod Paige was superintendent in Houston when all this went down and he helped in cook the books to create the so called “Houston Miracle.” Anyway, they modeled the whole No Child Left Behind act after the “Houston Miracle.” Everyone knows how much of a winner NCLB has been. I’m happy to see this guy go, because anyone who thinks that cutting funds to schools that perform poorly and giving that money to schools that do well is a good idea has their head up their ass. Keeps the poor kids ignorant and the rich kids smart, good ole compassionate conservatism right there if you ask me.

Looks like things are starting to heat up for the DNC Chairman position. The two candidates are Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. One is old school who things moderates are who the party needs to start appealing too. The other is new school who says fuck the moderates; we’re going to get some balls again around here. They are like night and day. The democrats are pretty split over whom to side with on this. I can see both sides of the argument. Other people think that we should have a black chairman, and thrown out former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. I like Dennis. He did a decent job in Detroit. I grew up outside of Detroit so I know a little about him. However, I don’t think he is a good choice for this spot. I say if you’re looking black look no further than NY Rep. Charlie Rangel. That guy is a badass. Personally, I like Dean. He got me energized about politics again during the primaries and I think he will get new blood moving at the DNC. I feel like Vilsack will be more of the same, and that is one of the reason the DNC has not made and new ground with the people. Nor citizens want energetic people to get behind. People like Barrack Obama, that guy can talk and boy does he make you want to do something for your country. Whomever wins, I just hope they have a set of balls and aren’t scared to takes some risks and just don’t pander to special interests and whatnot.

I'd like you to check out this site, Media Matters For America. It's run by a man named David Brock. Brock worked for the slime that tried to take down Clinton. Well, he's seen the light now and doesn't do that anymore. The site takes to task journalists who basically completely steer to the right on their reporting. As much as it could just attack Fox News all day, and it does plenty of that, it will also take on the NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post when they mess up too. There is some interesting stuff on the site worth checking out. They try to update as close to real time as possible.

I got Halo 2, so, I'll be taking care of that issue this weekend. Enjoy.

-I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!


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