Thursday, November 11, 2004


Let’s talk Grover Norquest for a minute here. I was flipping through the channels yesterday and came upon him on CSPAN giving a speech somewhere. At this particular point in the conversation he was talking about the Estate Tax. Never heard of it? Oh, wait, you must live in a red state, there it’s referred to as the death tax. You know, that tax that is never going to affect you because you don’t have enough wealth for it to matter? Don’t know about it still? Well, I’m not here to educate you on that, let me get to my point.

He mentioned that he was against the estate tax, as most people on the right are. However, it was what he said after that they really chafed my willey. He said, and this is almost a direct quote, “I would rather see the Kennedy and Kerry kids able to drink their inheritance away then see it taxed when their parents pass away.”

Now, I’m not sure where he was coming from on this, but I know why he chose familiar “LEFT WING” rich children as examples. That’s because he’s an ass.

Seriously though, why the Kennedy’s? It is because they saw John and Bobby killed, their fathers? Hell, if I saw my father killed I probably would want to drink my inheritance away too, in order to try and cloud the memory.

And the Kerry kids? WTF? Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember any of the Kerry kids every being shown as being alcoholics or ever associated with drinking and/or partying. As a matter of fact, the Kerry daughters were the epitome of how children of those running for office should act. They were classy, intelligent, articulate, and never charged with underage drinking.

The Bush twins on the other hand, also rich children set to get a HUGE inheritance if their parents pass, have been charged with underage drinking. The twins are known for being huge party girls. Have been on the record saying that after the graduated they just want to float around and help out for a while before having real jobs. The twins are known to be the first to tip a few back. All in all, they’re just not classy girls.

So, Grover, why didn’t you talk about the Bush twins in your example? I mean, they seem to be well on their way to drinking their inheritance away. Oh, it’s probably because the same people who would normally attack the girls are obeying the President’s order to “Respect my daughter’s privacy.” You know, these are the same people who time and time again called Chelsea Clinton a dog, hideous, and so ugly it almost hurts to look at her. However, since King George declared his daughters are off limits they must obey.

And there is a difference between the twins and Chelsea. The twins were 18 when King George took office. Chelsea was 13. Way to go guys.

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