Monday, November 22, 2004

Okay America, bend over...

My God are the Reds wasting no time. The election is barely a month over and they’ve wasted no time bending over the people of America. First we find out about the little provision that Rep. Ernest Istook attempted to slip into the giant onmibus spending bill. This little provision would allow lawmakers access to the tax returns of anyone. Hoped no one would read the bill did ya Istook? Thought it'd slip right in, huh?

But that's not all! The same GOP lawmakers that bought you that little dandy, have also brought you this! That's right, the same party who drilled you with the "only we can protect you" lines and the "a vote for Kerry is a vote for America's destruction" has stalled the same intelligence reforms they touted prior to the election. Now, this isn't some reform deal that has been batted around for a while. This is a bill that has passed both the house and senate and was in a joint committee. There wasn't some problem with the bill, no way Jose. This was a Red attempt to hold up something that would pass without a problem for a specific reason. They want to tack on something that the left won't like. This way, when anyone complains about it, they will be accused of "not wanting to protect America" or "being lax on defending out country," or the grand daddy of them all, "not being patriotic enough."

Since this big omnibus spending bill is going to pass, I thought I'd pass along a helpful link. This is our national debt as of 9:14 P.M. EST: $7,451,301,669,446.29. If you click on that link you will see what the debt is at the time you click it. By tomorrow the debt should have risen by almost a million dollars. The dollar is going down faster than a... well, you get the point. Future economc activity for the United States is down for the fifth straight month. This is not good news. I hope you diversified your investment portfolio. If the market goes downward, there may be no stopping it.

In closing, if you think Bush is good for the economy, take a look at this.

-It's not what you cut, it's what you don't cut


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