Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is indeed a disturbing trend...

Man, I go to visit D.C. and all hell breaks loose in Washington. For those concerned, my trip went well, the client is satisfied for the moment, and I can move on to more important business matters.

Well, looks like they have officially cleaned the colon. Mr. Powell has officially called it quits. I feel bad for this guy, having been hung out to dry so many times by the White House. He’s going to be replaced with Condi “I was a teenage cavewoman” Rice? Okay, because she has management experience. Mr. Powell, I can’t wait to read your book, I’m sure it will prove most of my sentiments on the current administration.

Let’s talk Tom “The Hammer” Delay for a moment. Here is a guy who may very well be indicted by the Texas state prosecutors, but yet may have the House rules changed so that he can continue to serve? Wow, talk about the moral majority. I wasn’t aware it was okay to commit a “crime” and continue to serve in office. I mean, I’m no political expert here; I’m only going off the precedent that was set by the same Republican Party back in 99. You know the one, where they decided that if the President committed a crime by lying about a blow job he should not be able to continue to serve in office. Now, I know Delay is below the president, probably in more ways than one, but I assume this precedent has an umbrella effect working from the top down. I could be wrong.

This New CIA scares the hell out of me. Porter Goss is telling people that their job is to “support the administration and its policies in our work.” Forgive me, I thought the point of the CIA was to “provide knowledge and take action to ensure the national security of the United States and the American life and ideals.” No where in that statement does it say, “we will bend over when asked, come up with intelligence that is steered with a political agenda, and otherwise do whatever is told by the administration without doubt and with total blind faith.” I'm being serious, it doesn't. I looked. As a matter of fact, one of their Missions is to provide “relevant, timely, and objective all-source analysis.” I see Goss changing all of this. The CIA will become a rubber stamp of an administration that is already on record saying they create their own realities. Matrix my ass, we’ve got the White House. Goss has kicked out anyone who doesn’t agree with administration, you know, the badasses that make us feel safe when we go to bed at night. I’m sure they’ll all be replaced with Bush advisors. Oh, oh, oh, maybe they will fill the newly opened slots with people who applied for positions at the Heritage Foundation. I mean, that’s how they filled the spots for the people who will decide on how the Iraq budget gets spent in Iraq. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Now, WTF is this? They are letting poor people volunteer their kids to be guinea pigs for the chemical industry? Where the hell is the compassionate conservatism? Oh that’s right, this is the same compassionate conservatism that is also taking funds away from these poor kids schools because they can’t get “good marks” on standardized tests. This really pisses me off. The study, titled CHEERS (Children’s Environments Exposure Research Study) is from the same people who brought you the Healthy Forest Initiative and the Clear Skies Initiative, the EPA! This is the same EPA that is headed by Michael O. Leavitt, the same guy who as Governor downplayed the toxic releases reported by the mining industry, been involved in backroom deals that lock the public out of the decision-making process and seriously damage the environment, and moved Utah in 2001 to the second highest volume of toxic chemical releases in the nation. This guy is a real winner, I’m sure he’s looking out for these children’s best interests. But that’s the right for you: Love the fetus, hate the child.

I just don’t get it. How can a party that is obsessed with abortion not do everything completely in its power to make sure the children that are not aborted are taken care of? I mean, one obsession should lead directly to another. Anyone that obsessed with making sure children are born should be equally obsessed with securing the well being of these children. Imagine what might be accomplished if instead of worrying about who is sleeping with who, if two men they will never meet can sleep together in the same bed, if the words “under God” need to be plastered all over the place, if uber-rich people are allowed to keep onto their money after they die, whether or not stations should be fined because a black breast was exposed during the half time show, if they weren’t so obsessed with defining liberal as a bad thing. Scary to think of all the free time that they might have to actually get things accomplished.

This whole thing just irks me. It’s not okay if gay guys can get married and lead the same lives as everyone else, but it is okay if we study the effect of chemicals on poor kids? This is a really fucked up country if that is what things are coming to. How can anyone seriously think this is okay to do? I don’t see anyone lining up rich kids to test anthrax vaccines on, but line up the poor kids if you get a shot. They all just suck off welfare anyways, right? Fuckers.


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