Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The truth is out?

So it turns out there are pictures of Mr. Mel Gibson on the night of his DUI. Evidently, he was boozing it up at some local watering holes. Nothing wrong with that on it's own merit. Heck, even good old God fearing Christians get a chance now and then to let lose a bit. However, I don't think they get to let loose with random women, which is what Mel seemed to be doing. For example, take a look at the picture to the left. It looks like Mel is looking up at God almighty himself and saying, "God she's hot!."

Then there is the picture to the right here...Mel with a slight less attractive lady. He sure looks drunk if you ask me. Maybe that's why he doesn't have a problem downgrading in the looks department. Then again, he really shouldn't be letting some broad hang all over him, he is married and has like 500 kids.

Unfortunatly, Mel decided that one woman wasn't enough for him, so he went back to the first chick, introduced her to the second chick, and tried to get some triple play action going. Mel, don't you know that two broads don't make a right? I mean, seriously, even in Hollywood. Again, he looks very drunk in this third picture. The blond in front on the other hand looks like she's in a great mood and doing just fine. I guess if Mel Gibson was hanging all over me I'd look the same.

After falling short on his first triple play attempt (something about old man balls), Mel seems to regroup and try his hand at some "older women," or at least ladies who might have seen Mad Maxx when it originally appeared in the theaters. He has also movied from blondes and into the red hed category, also fancying himself with a more exotic "Asian" women. Lord knows I love Asian chicks too Mel, so good going there. He's also got that same green bottle in his hand so either he's really nursing it or he's had like tewnty of these things over the course of the night.

Either way, it doesn't look good for Mel. Why do I care? I don't actually, I just like making fun of other people since it helps me fell better about my own insecurities. I feel bad for his wife though, and how hes going to explain this to her. Evidently, ABC cencelled some holocaust miniseries he's been talking to them about for a few years. I wouldn't be surprised if he got wind of that a few days ago and that's the real reason for his bender, who really knows though.

Oh well...I guess there's little chance of Lethal Weapon 5.



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