Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The benefit of dual monitors

I think I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I work in IT. More specifically, I’m a Business Analyst, which “talks to the customers so the engineers don’t have to.” I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS DAMN’IT! Anyway, I just recently picked up a second monitor for my workspace, and boy let me tell you its F’ing great.

Sure, I’m a bit of a douche to get exited over something like this, but until you do the type of work I do on two monitors you don’t really realize the benefit of it.

A lot of the time I’m analyzing two separate documents in the same format, say two Excel spreadsheets. Usually, I’d have to print one out and have the other on the screen; otherwise I’m flipping between multiple windows. Now, I just put one sheet up on one screen and another sheet up on the other screen. This is much quicker and simpler to do, plus I save paper. It’s the little things in life like this that really make stuff worth while, you know?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sure, I’m a bit of a douche to get exited over something like this..."


"I’m a douche."

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