Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Movie News: The New Joker

I had a picture to post with this but for whatever reason Blogger.com doesn't seem to like me right now. At any rate, Hollywood Reporter is stating that the role of The Joker has been cast for the new Batman movie. It's the gay cowboy himself, Heath Ledger. I like Heath, he seems like a decent actor, and although he'll be no Nicholson, it will be interesting to see the spin he puts on Joker.

Actually, Aint It Cool News stated they had good input that Heath was going to get the part but couldn't get a second source, nor did it seem to make sense at the time. However, turns out that they were right on the money, as they are quite often.

We'll see how Heath pans out as they are supposed to start on the film early next year, although I don't know when actual shooting will start.


[edit: Obviously I ended up getting the picture to work.]


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