Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poor Katherine Harris

Looks the the Republicans have told poor poor old Katherine Harris that she can not win against Bill Nelson in Florida. You see, its very hard to get elected when NO ONE LIKES YOU.

Seriously, no one likes Harris, not even people in her own party. Oh, they made her think they liked her when she was Florida's secretary of state during the 2000 election. They needed her in their pocket, and she delivered. They also made them think they liked her even more when they got her into the US House. They needed a guarantee vote in their pocket, and she's delivered.

However, this is the Senate, and there is a difference in one district and a whole state voting. Turns out most of the state of Florida doens't care for Kathy much. Actually, her own party tried to get her to bow out of getting into the September primary, but she went and got on the ballet anyway.

This is probably for the best. Nelson is a decent guy, and lord knows the Democrats need to be able to spend their fininte resources in races that are actually close. Thus, its in their favor is she keeps at running and hopefuly wins the primary.

You can read the AP article care of CNN.com here.



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