Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My name is Mel Gibson, and I'm a hypocrite

Mel Gibson, the "Hollywood Holy Man" himself, was arrested the other day for a DUI. I waited to make a comment on this whole ordeal until I had a chance to get his mug shot. I mean, talking about Mel Gibson just isn't the same without his mug shot just slightly to the left of what you're saying.

I like Mel Gibson, I do, or better yet, I did, or used to...whatever you want to call it. Mel had some fun parts. Who doesn't like Lethal Weapon? Gibson, Glover, you can't go wrong! He played a whack job in The Pelican Brief, that was fun too! Then there's Braveheart, a classic in any DVD collection, and the first movie in a long time that makes it "cool" to look at men in skirts.

Then Mel went and did "Signs," started to get really vocal about his devotion to religion, and decided he wanted to make "Christ: The Movie." You see, this is the where the problems start Mel. If you are in Hollywood, or Politics, you can't go getting all vocal about your religion. Not because you're not allowed, or because you should talk out about it, or whatever....nope, leave that for common people. You shouldn't talk about it because it will only come back to bite you when you do something completely hypocritical!

Mel, you're a man of God. You have like 47 kids because you don't believe in birth control (he's Catholic). You're a devout Christian. Heck, you made a movie about Christ himself (and it just killed at the box office, who knew?). But, if you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk, and you my friend, certainly can't walk the walk, let alone in a straight line.

It's not so much all the supposed antisemetic remarks Mel made (he does know Christ was Jewish, right?), or the fact he wanted to know if the cop was Jew, or that he said Jews ruin everything and start all the wars...no, it was that he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Granted, he's "presumed innoncent" until proven guilty, but come on, a DUI is a DUI guys, this isn't suspected robbery or tax evasion we're talking about here. You just don't drive drunk, period. How would you feel, Mel, if you'd hit a kid out late on his bike, huh? How would you feel then Mel? How would you feel if you'd hit someone who was out getting formula late at night for his kid? Would you explain to the child why itwas more important for you to be driving than for them to have their dad?

I'm glad you're in rehab Mel. I really am. Take a look ar your life, where you're at, and what you did. If you're going to say what you say, then its time to live the life you talk about so much. Otherwise, you're going to the same place you think everyone who doesn't believe the same way you do is going, "Christ Movie" or no "Christ Movie."



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