Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting Into the Women's Dressing Room Just Got Easier

Scientists. The wonderful guys who brought us visco elastic memory foam, Viagra, the Toyota Prius, and the Nuclear Bomb, have now come up with a way to become invisible.

Being the science guy I am I try to stay on top of these sort of things. So it was of little surprise when I came across this Reuters artciel on Cnet.com.

Turns out Scientists think they can make people invisible. Well, you wouldn't actually be invisible, you'd just appear that way to people looking at you. Wait, if perception is everything, then doesn't that make you invisible? I'll leave that up for later generations to discuss.

At any rate, this was some pretty neat stuff. It seems much cooler than that Japanese guy who has the jacket that makes hin see through. If you want to see that just Google "Invisible Man" and look at some of the pictures that pop up. He's the dude with his arms stretched out and a sort of green see through jacket on.

Well, lets hope this sort of thing is only used for the power of good, because, you know, I'm sure that's all it will be used for.



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