Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Observations: Bad Bumper Sticker

Note to the jack ass that came up with this one, the "Who Lit the Fuse on Your Tampon"bumper sticker is neither cute nor funny. It also just reinforces the dumb red neck sterotype when it's plastered not once, but twice on the back of a jacked up Ford F-250 pickup.

You know why the tampon is lit? It's because a jackass like you is riding the ass of her Hondo Civic because she's only drive 72 in a 55 and not 90 like you want her to. You know why else the fuse is lit, it's because a jack ass like you is driving your behemoth of a vehicle in and out of traffic bobbing and weaving like you're driving a Ferrari.

News flash butt fuck, you're driving a truck, and unless you're hauling something (which most of you NEVER do) you should be in a car like the rest of us.



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