Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Election Coverage: Primary Night News

Could this guy be the new face of Conneticut politics? You bet your kiester mister. JoeJoe went down last night in his primary, losing to Mr. Lamont here 52 to 48 percent (not technically a large margin by any means). This is pretty big, at least I think it is, because it may possibly be a harbringer to come of what the Democratic party of the future is going to look like.

I use the word may in that last paragraph very specifically. This by no means is a guarantee that the Democrats are going to start putting together more candidates that have testicles (men and women). However, it might be nice to have a few more in office that don't blow whatever way the wind is. Fact is (well, not technically a fact, more of an opinion), JoeJoe has been a big pansy the last few years. He's become buddies with Bush and company. Unfortunately for JoeJoe, many of his constituents don't feel as warmly about Bush as he does.

This primary was about one thing (more or less), the war. JoeJoe is for the war and continues to defend it, Lamont was against the war and countess to lament it. That's what this was about. JoeJoe lost. Maybe it's because he's bland. Maybe it's because he's Jewish. Maybe it's because he has a weird smiles. Those are all maybes. The one thing for certain is that JoeJoe lost because he's for the war. That's what this boils down to.

Now he's going to run as an independent. Bad more JoeJoe. No one likes losers, especially not three time losers. You lost as a VP candidate. You lost as a Presidential candidate. Now you've lost as a Senatorial candidate. You have the losers stigma. People don't like a losers stigma. If anything, you running as an independent might have a similar effect as Nadar did running as a Green in '00. He took votes away from Gore. Maybe enough to cost him the election, maybe not. He did take votes though. That's what you're going to do, take votes. You may very well make a big enough split in the election that Lamont's Republican challenger gets 50% of the vote, and thus wins the Senate seat. You do understand that by doing this you'd A, lose again, and B, use your losingness to make someone else lose who's already beaten you once. That's not fair JoeJoe, that's selfish.

Now for Cynthia McKinney....Ah Cynthia. How I'll miss you and your craziness. While I could have went for a much more dramatic and traditional "crazy Cynthia" picture, I chose one that was much more reserved. Cynthia lost last night in her primary race. She didn't just lost, she got whooped by Hank Johnson 59 to 41. That's a Mandate right there.

The story of Cynthia is a real shame. She used to be half way decent. Then she went crazy. The rest is history. This will mark the second time she's lost this seat. First to Denise Majette. Now to Ned Lamont. Both of these people are black, but I'm going to assume that Cynthia will somehow use the race card to say that white people some how had something to do with this.

Oh well...We're done with her, I think. Cynthia had a habit of not showing up to vote in Congress. I mean, I don't have a problem that she's off gallivanting around for whatever causes she supports. That's her right. However, she does need to be in D.C. on occasion to vote for her constituents in Georgia's 4th congressional district. She's done now, finished, stick a fork in her, blammo, done.

D.C. security staffers all over the belt way are rejoicing.



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