Tuesday, August 08, 2006

D-Day for JoeJoe

Well it's D-Day for JoeJoe up in Connecticut today. That's right, it's primary day for a lot of the states here in the good ole U S of A. Connecticut, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan and Georgia all have primaries. Actually, this is the second go round for Georgia and they're all just run offs.

Most people will be watching JoeJoe and his race though. You see, Joe has made some "mistakes" over the past two years or so, well really four years. First, he thought he could run for President by himself. Not so much Joe, no one likes you that much. Second, he decided that the war in Iraq was a good idea. Again, not so much Joe. But finally, and probably above all else, he's become buddy buddy with W. That's not going to win you votes in Connecticut JoeJoe. As a matter of fact, that's going to piss people in Connecticut off maybe even enough to run against you.

Well, that's just what Ned Lamont has done, and done quite well. I'm not going to get into the middle of a pissing match in a race in another state. While I don't care for JoeJoe that much I don't hate the guy. Lamont hasn't really done much for me either. The issue at hand though is whether or not JoeJoe represents the feelings of his constituents anymore. Evidently, at least according to the polls, he isn't.

Now there is a lot going on here in this election that have nothing to do with JoeJoe. First, it's showing whether or not the liberal blogesphere has enough stroke to get someone out of office. They're the ones really pushing for JoeJoe to get beat, and are at least partly responsible for Lamont's fund raising success. Second, this is showing how the Democratic party might start treating those that have stood with W on issues they don't care for. Up until now they're just gotten a furrowed brow, but in the face of finally being able to do something about it these same people are on the verge of getting to boot.

Do I think it's a good idea to kick out JoeJoe? Maybe not. As was the case with Tom Daschle in South Dakota, sometimes your kicking out someone who has an awful lot of stroke for your state. That may be the same thing here. JoeJoe has a good amount of stroke in the Senate. If they give him the boot they're going to have someone in there who is starting all over again, which could come back to bite them. On the flip side, this could get rid of a pansy Democrat in favor of one who isn't scared to go against the grain, which might be a good thing.

Do I think JoeJoe will win today? No, no I don't. Even if polls are showing JoeJoe closing the gap on Ned I don't see it being enough. JoeJoe said he'd run as an independent if he loses. If he does that he'll have as much success with that race as he did with his Presidential race.

JoeJoe, maybe your time has come.



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