Sunday, August 06, 2006

Movie News: More Transformers Vehicle Pictures

Okay, this took me a bit to track down but I've got set shots of Bumble Bee and Brawl in what appears to be a car chase. You'll notice that this is a shot of the old model Camaro, which backs up my theory on him getting whooped up during this sequence and having to be repaired (more on that a little later though). All in all this looks pretty neato.

Here are some more shots from the apparant "chase sequence." A couple of things to note here. First, if you click on the shot of Bumble Bee you can see that there is no driver. This also backs up my theory that this chase sequence involved Bumble Bee saving someone. No one is in the car yet, let alone trying to "drive" it. Second, this are appears to be somewhat "deserted" or at the least an industrial area that is currently under contruction. Why would I say that? Well, for one the streets look dusty. Also, in the above shots you can see fenced areas and buidings in the back ground not akin to a more commercial or residential area.

Now for some more close up shots of Brawl and all his Decepticon glory. I think I know why I thought he was a Charger at first. The new Mustang and Charger have a very similar profile look. Sure, the Charger is a four door but it's styled to have a coupe like exterior. At any rate, you can clearly see the Decepticon logo I mentioned in a previous post. What I liked the most was the "To Punish and Enslave..." wording right behind thhe B pillar. That's just a nice touch. I also dig the black rims.

Now, here is the real evidence as to what I was talking about earlier as being reason for why Bumble Bee gets whooped up. This shot of the crane thing, that's a Decepticon, and most importantly a Constructicon. From the Access Hollywood shots we know some sort of crane thing is attacking that guy on the hood of the BMW. I bet this is the same crane. So, by adding together what we know and working under the assumption that all of these shots and the Access Hollywood footage is all from the same scene here's what I think is going down... First, Bumble
Bee has to save someone, possibly Spike, from the Decepticon Brawl. One way or another the two get involved in a chase (the two being Brawl and Bumble Bee). I don't think Spike is involved because no one is seen in Bumble Bee from the shots above, but I could be wrong here. So they chase each other around and Brawl tricks Bumble Bee into following him into the construction area. This is where Bumble Bee drives out and tail sweeps the legs out from underneath Brawl. Bumble Bee transformers and has BRawl at a disadvantage, or so Brawl leads him to belive. Then, behind Bumble Bee the Constructicons roll up, trnasform, possibly into Devastator, and put a whoopin on Bumble Bee. He somehow manages to escape and gets repaired and turned into the new Camaro.

That's my theory anyway. I guess we won't know until more stuff starts to come out. He's to waiting with baited breath.



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