Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Internet News: BellSouth and Verizon are Jerks

Okay, so, the Fed removed the Universal Service Fund for DSL lines. This fee can vary depending on your service and subscriber, anywhere from 1.20 to 4 bucks, give or take. Well, the USF fee doesn't have to be applied to DSL you think that Verison and BellSouth DSL customers would see savings on their bills.


They're not seeing a lowered bill. Instead, both companies put some made up jack off fee on their bills for the same amount. Talk about cheap bastards. In essence, they're keeping your bill the same amount and pocketing the difference, hoping you won't notice.

Verizon even said they're going to keep charging the extra amount to offset their loses with naked DSL. Naked DSL is when you have a DSL line but don't pay for the phone companies regualr phone line as well. Typically they cahrge you like 5 or 10 bucks more a month for this. So, basically, Verizon is making REGULAR CUSTOMERS subsidize their losses.

This just goes to show you that when free market forces get to do what they want, what they will do is rip off the little guy...period. If anyone things they won't F us over without net neutrality thing again. They're just aching to charge us more for "premium" internet, and then charge internet companies for "premium" bandwidth.

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