Friday, August 18, 2006

Observations: Mornings with Robin

I've nver been a big morning person. I usually hate smiling in the morning. To me, mornings shouldn't be about bright and sunny, but about the dread of having to leave your warm comfortable bed and go to some place you'd rather not be. I mean, lets face it here kids, no one likes getting up, and I mean really getting up. If you could you know you'd lay in bed for a while...just warm and snug in your sheets, perhaps with someone else, perhaps by yourself. Unfortunatly, most of us don't have the luxury of staying in bed, so we get up.

That's the start of our day. Wake. Coffee. News. Sometimes in a different order than that, but usually with News as the second or third item (doens't make much sense to get news and then wake up). I'm not a big "happy happy morning news show" person. As a matter of fact, the more dry and emotionless my morning news the better. The last thing I want to hear or see are people being chipper on my TV screen or through my radio speakers. I want dry monotone voices that won't disturb my crankyness. And come on, none of them are fun to listen to, and are almost immune to the obnoxiousness of their own voices. Then, I found Robin.

For those who don't know, Robin is the anchor of the morning news on Headline News. Actually, it's her show...Robin & Company. I don't know who "the Company" is, nor do I care, I watch it for her. I've always sort of had a thing for news anchors (I used to think Ashley Banfield was smoking, but oddly enough only with her glasses on). Maybe it's the woman in charge thing. Maybe I just like their hair. Who knows. But man, does Robin do it for me.

She's chipper, but not in that obnoxious sort of way. I don't even know if she's any good at what she does. She's pretty and a face I don't mind seeing in the morning, and that that smile is to die for. I think the thing I dig the most is that somewhere, in this huge city we call Atlanta, she's around, looking hot. I could go down to the CNN Center and wait for her. That's how I saw Zane (a hot anchor on regular CNN, she's from South Africa and it so sexy). Actually, i don't work too far from there, so I could go for lunch...hrm...better not.

Anyway, Robin, if for some reason you read this, you've got a fan. Keep it up. Sorry to see that GIANT rock on your hand though, lucky guy.

Now, if only Sumi Das could get her own show.



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