Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Taking back Monday

As some of you know, I've been an avid fan of professional wrestling for about ten years now. I'm also a subscribing member of a wrestling web site called PWInsider.com, you'll see a link to it on the left side of this screen. Well, I've had a a lot on my mind in the world of wrestling recently, and so I submitted a guest column to see if it would be published. If it is, I'll go ape shit, since to me personally, it's a big deal. I'll keep you posted, I should hear back sometime today.
I'm continuing to work on my new script. As of yet it's untitled and will probably stay that way for a long time. I can already feel myself much more experienced this time around than on my last script. The scenes are much cleaner, the dialogue is better, and the timing is better as well. Hopefully I've got a story that is strong enough to keep people interested for 90-120 minutes. I guess time will tell.
Been quite chilly down here in the ATL this week. I've got to get a jacket. Macy's is having a sale this weekend so Bebe and I are going to go check it out.
Really excited about the race at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. I've got great seats and can't wait to go.
Weather today is windy, temps in the low to mid fifties, and most cloudy skies. Tonight, dropping down into the low forties with possibilities of frost in the morning, windy.


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