Monday, October 24, 2005

A great birthday weekend

I had a great birthday weekend.
Things started off with the whole crew here at work going out to have drinks. Bebe joined us as well which made it all the better.
After that, Bebe and I went to the video store. I was going to rent a movie and a video game with a Hollywood Video gift card I had received as a birthday present. However, Hollywood Video gives you a free rental on your birthday, so I got the game for free. In addition, my gift card wasn't working, so instead of making me wait, they gave me the movie free too!
Saturday I bought some Plum wine and Bebe and I went to rent another movie. This time I got Batman Returns, highly recommended by my brother Dan, and the gift card still didn't work. So I got ANOTHER FREE RENTAL! Went home, had some wine, watched the movie and enjoyed the evening.
Sunday I watched the race and did a few errands. Then, Sunday night it was time for the TNA Bound For Glory PPV. What a great show with a world title switch at the end to boot! Some good wrestling action and I encourage you to get the replay if you didn't see it. Really, a solid show top to bottom.
So, all in all it was a great birthday weekend.
Woke up today with a bit of a sore throat. The season change is hitting Bebe and I pretty badly, neither of us slept well.  Since I wasn't feeling well I went into work about an hour later, the extra hour of sleep did me well though. I figure it was that, or call in, and I didn't want to call in.
Been an okay day at work too...might stay a bit late though to warp some stuff up. Not sure about that yet though.
Looking forward to hearing the indictments later this week. Should be a good time. Some people are finally going to get theirs.


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