Thursday, October 06, 2005

Son, you only have three months to live

So, I went to the doctor today to get my heart checked out.
For the second time they took a EKG and looked at some things. The doctor said he saw something that "could" be something, but most likely isn't.
He explained a bunch of reasons why some people get a lot of palpitations, and some people rarely if ever get any.
At any rate, they took some blood, are going to screen for some things, and are going to put me on a Holter Monitor.
A Holter Monitor, I hope I spelled this right, basically monitors your heart for 24 hours. You get this little diary where you record any times something odd happens, and the analyst goes back and looks at that section of time for the activity.
The last time I had one of these I happened to not have any events that day. However, with how frequent they are now, I doubt I'll miss one this time.
Other than that, my blood pressure was good, 120/80, and my other vitals were fine. He did ask if I was feeling okay since my temp was 99.5. I said I was feeling fine, but my girlfriend always complains I'm too hot. He said it was probably nothing.
I'll know more when the blood work come back. He said their checking sodium levels, potassium, and some other things. He said for a man my age, and in good shape, I shouldn't be having these on regular basis but that the blood work will help to see if maybe its something in my diet that is causing them. 
I admitted I love spicy food, salty foods, and drinking wine on the weekend. He mentioned that some people have a sort of "withdrawal" symptom after drinking a few glasses of wine or beer. The next day or over the next few days after consumption, some people get a symptom similar to alcohol withdrawal that makes them antsy and can cause palpitations. I'd sure hate to have to stop drinking wine, I really enjoy a few glasses on the weekend. At any rate, he they won't know ore until the blood work comes back. 
After that, they're probably going to send me to a cardiologist to look at some stuff.
Until then, I'm still here and still breathing.


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