Friday, September 30, 2005

The word is out

So Judy is out of jail.
Good for her.
I'm glad she's out of jail, even though I couldn't agree with her less.
However, the gig is up for Scooter Libby. Turns out he was the source for Judy on the article she never wrote. I'm not sure what this will mean with the "ongoing investigation" but I'm looking forward to seeing how the White House squirms out of this.
I've got a problem with someone named Scooter being the chief aide to the Vice President. Men who work in the White House shouldn't have the name Scooter. Or Lenny, Buddy, Kip, Brownie, Shorty, Skip, Biff and Mort. The same goes for women with the name Kimberly, Lacy, Buffy, Biffy, Gigi, Missy, Misty, and Minny. Adults don't have names like that, and certainly not adults who are running the United States of America. I just think a grown man going by the name Scooter is silly. I mean come on, what are you, five?
I bought some Delta stock today. My theory is that they're the third largest carrier in the country and The Fed won't let the go under, nor will the industry. I'll hang onto this dirt cheap stock for a few years and maybe cash out and make a few grand. I only spent 200 bucks and got about 250 shares or so. Who knows?
Have a good weekend.


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