Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Movie Idea

So I've had this new idea for a movie floating around in my head and I'm scared that if I don't write it down soon I'm going to forget it.
It starts off a few years into the near future, say 2011.
So there's this guy, lets call him Brian. Brian leads a pretty good life. He's single, has a good job, a good amount of friends. He's in his late twenties to early thirties. He's not married but has been involved with a woman named Amanda for over a year and plans to propose soon.
Life couldn't be better, especially for a guy from an orphanage who can't remember anything before the age of ten.
However, Brian hasn't been sleeping well lately, and he's starting to get really bad headaches. His whole life he's had this reoccurring dreams of this large oak tree and people playing badminton near it. The dream is almost the same every time, sometimes it has the same people, sometimes it doesn't. The odd thing is that he's never in it, it's always other people. It's as if he's watching them. His headaches also trouble him. There is no reason a guy his age in good shape should be getting headaches like his. To make things worse, he's starting to get nose bleeds when these headaches occur.
One day at work Brian gets a head ache that won't go away, and it's getting worse. He makes an appointment to get checked out at the doctor, this is just getting to be too much. He's walking down a hallway to go to a meeting, the pain is tremendous, something is wrong, he's got to get help. He grabs hold of a rail to stop from falling down. He tries to call for help, it's too late, he's fallen and is unconscious, blood running from his nose. Someone calls 911.
Brian wakes up. He's lying in a bed, a white gown covering him. He must be in a hospital. He sits up, the room looks odd for a hospital. He notices steel mesh on the windows. The doors locked. What's going on? He walks over to the bathroom. He passes a mirror and freaks out. Who was that? He looks back, that's no him, that's not his face. But it is, everything he does is reflected in the mirror. He goes into the bathroom, splashing some water on his face.
He bangs on the door, screaming for help. Nurses and orderlies come into the room. They're astounded and don't know what to say. Why do they keep calling him Henry? What is going on? What's with the outfits they have on? They're so retro. Brian breaks loose, of the grasp of the orderlies and runs into the hallway. The furniture, the people, the clothing, the paint, everything looks so retro, like out of the fifties. The orderlies come out of the room after him, he runs towards a large room and over towards a window. Brian tries to open it, it's stuck, he can't escape. The orderlies retrain him and start to pull him back from the window and then he sees it, the tree, from his dream, and there are people playing badminton down below.
What is going on?
Brian is sedated, waking up several hours later. He is back in the same room he escaped from. A doctor is sitting on a chair, two orderlies are over by the door. No point trying to run.
The doctor asks  if he knows his name. Brian responds. The doctor explains his name is Henry, not Brian. Brian doesn't understand. He says, who he is, what he does, where he lives, his birthday July 6th, 1985. The doctor doesn't know what to say, he explains his name is Henry, and for the last twenty years he has been here, in this special hospital, since he was a child, about ten years old. The doctor explains how important this is, since, Henry is autistic, and never acknowledged the outside world before today.
Brian doesn't believe him, he repeats who he is, what his name is, what his birthday is, July 6th, 1985 . The doctor walks over to him, explaining his birthday can't be correct, the year is only 1952, Henry was born in July 6th, 1921.
Obviously there is much more to the story, but this would be the basic opening of the movie, the first thirty minutes or so.


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