Monday, September 26, 2005

No coffee day 1

Today is the first Monday in quite some time I'm not drinking any coffee.
I didn't have any on Thursday or Friday and had headaches almost all day.
No headache today, but I'm still quite cranky.
Plus, it's raining outside and traffic was horrible on my way to work.
Anyway, back to the coffee thing. I'm not drinking coffee outside of the weekends anymore. Bebe thinks I drink like a gallon of coffee a day but in reality it's 2.5 cups, all in one drink holder, most of the time drank on my way to work and while at work.
That's not really a lot of coffee, but it was part of my routine in the the morning, and now I miss it. There is just something that feels good about sipping on a warm beverage in the morning. I guess when it starts to get colder maybe I'll drink hot chocolate or something.
At any rate, I'm cranky and probably will be until after lunch.


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