Monday, October 31, 2005

NASCAR Pictures

I told you that I'd put up some pictures and here they are...

This is where we parked at. As you can see, they provided a toliet for us to use.

However, since we got caught up in traffic, I was not able to check out the facilities. We were running late and had to sprint to the track to get in there before we missed anymore of the race.

Here is a picture of the cars as they raced towards the green flag. I know it's hard to tell from this picture but I had great seats.

Here is my boy Jamie McMurray screaming out of the pits. Jamie went on to get a sixth place finish for the day. He had a very strong car that would really come alive about 20-25 laps into a green flag run. Had his pits went a little better he may have been battling for the lead.

Here is one of the first wrecks of the day. There were only two actual wrecks and a few blown tires. This is typical for Atlanta though, it's a fast clean track that gives drivers a lot of freedom around the track. It makes for some great, fast racing, but doesn't display the crazy wrecks some people want to see. Me? I don't like wrecks because people can get hurt. I'd rather see the guys leave unscathed than have to brace themselves for a 190 mile per hour impact.

Here is Dale Jr. in first place racing across the finish line. I don't have anything against Jr. but I don't really root for him either. Boy, I'll tell you though, people love the guy, love him. There is a sea of red, and if Jr. isn't leading that sea is angry.

Here is what one fan thinks about Jr. leading the race. He had a really stong car and lead the race for the most laps. At one time he had half a lap lead over second place. However, that second place car was Carl Edwards, and he got better and better as each lap went by.

Here is Carl Edwards and his team celebrating after their win. Carl does a backflip off his car when he wins, and I have a picture of it, but you can't really see him. I thought this picture was better anyway.

With the race over it was time to go back to the city whence I came.

It was a good day. However, as I said in my earlier post, I wish I had worn ear plugs.


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