Monday, March 13, 2006

Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays

Actually, I don't. It was a pretty good weekend, and I'm well rested for today. Maybe that's because tomorrow is payday, I'm not too sure.
Didn't do a whole lot this weekend either. On Friday I rented Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the XBOX. I've only recently started to get into the whole Tom Clancy inspired games that Ubisoft has been making for years now. At first I thought they were way to realistic to be fun. However, with time I've come to respect the one-two shots you're dead type of game play. I don't even enjoy playing Halo 2 anymore, having to first shoot 15 clips into a guy to take his shields down, then shoot him again to kill him.
G.R.A.W. is fun, albeit a buggy game. It's obvious from playing that this game was designed from the ground up as an XBOX 360 game. There are just too many elements that seem scaled back so that it will run on the regular XBOX. It's fun, although a bit more arcade like in it's presentation that the last two Ghost Recon games. There are a lot of bugs though. I've gotten stuck in walls several times. In addition, there were instances where I reloaded a mission only to be brought to the XBOX Live Dashboard for some reason. After looking at some message boards on the game it appears as though I'm not the only one experiencing these types of bugs.
I'd give the game overall a thumbs up and look forward to playing the XBOX 360 version some time down the line.
I didn't watch the whole race yesterday, although it was good to see my boy Jimmie Johnson win again. I was a big upset Matty couldn't hold him off, but sometimes things just don't go your way. Kenseth has to be beating himself up about coming in second both races this past weekend. The cup series up off to a great start this year in my opinion. A lot of moving and shaking and people are not where they expected to be right now. I'll be at the race this weekend at Atlanta Motorspeedway. My buddy John is flying in and it should be a lot of fun.
One last power went out Thursday night for about an hour. I was in the middle of writing when it went out and I lost about 15 pages of a script. I wasn't too happy as I had written some important scenes. So, I started the process of rewriting those scenes again. See, I just did a reinstall of my PC not too far back. Previously I had my script writing software set to save every three minutes. Unfortunately, after I reinstalled the program I never set that up again. Thus, when the power initially went out I figured I just lost a bit, since I'd gotten used to the auto save feature. Let's just say I was a bit surprised and angry when I booted up my computer the first time after the power came back on.


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