Thursday, February 16, 2006

First day at my new job

Today was my first day at the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. I
can't even express how different it was waking up today. I didn't have
the dread, the hate, or the other shit I've been dealing with for so
long at my last company. Sure, TRS won't be peaches all the time, but I
am just so happy to be leaving behind the product, clients, and industry
I've been working with.

I am going to miss the people I worked with though, and that was the
main reason I stayed as long as I did. When Zach and Brent left I knew
my time was numbered, and a few things pushed me over the endge shortly
after that. I'm going to miss Bill, Brent, Roshanda and Matt, but what
are you going to do. I'm sure I'll keep in touch with several of them,
if not all.

I'm still psyched though. Going to be working on some cool projects
right out of the gate. I've got some learning to do, but it will be
hands on. My first project will be cleaning up some sectors of bad data
in the database. We're going to take a look at the data and attempt to
figure out it there is a human element causing this, or if it's
symptomatic. It will take us a while to figure it out, but we've got
enough data to dive right in and figure out where in the program the
issue is coming up.

Big weekend with Daytona on Sunday. I'll be prepping for that most of
the weekend with the Busch race Saturday, and some prerace stuff Friday.
I'm just glad NASCAR is back on, I've missed it. In fantasy new, I've
drafted Jimmie Johnson, Jamie McMurray, Jeff Burton, and Dale Jarret for
my team. I'm hoping for rebound years for both Burton and Jarret, but am
sure that McMurray and Johnson will post good years no matter what.



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