Monday, February 27, 2006

Bought a car today....


Bebe's 1994 Mustang bit it this weekend. She sure hung in there, 12
years, 100,000+ miles. It's the only car Bebe has ever driven, or owned.
Alas, the time for the Mustang had come, and it suffered a mild heart
attack (crack in the head gasket) and we had to put her down.

So, this weekend Bebe went out looking for a car. After going a bunch of
places, she decided on the Honda Accord Coupe. It's a slick car.
Unfortunately, she didn't have enough credit to buy it, so I had to.
Thus, technically, I own it, even though she's making the payments.
Actually, I don't even own it, it's a 3 year lease.

Anyway, it's a nice car, and she looks good driving in it. I took it for
a spin myself today to the gym, it feels really really good. I'll be
sure to drive it much more.

Not too much going on other than that. Got out new dining room table
delivered this weekend, that's nice. Looks really good.

It was great seeing T. Stew get what had had coming to him this weekend.
Karma's a bitch Tony.



Anonymous flags said...

I have been surfing the net for awhile and it feels as if I am trying to find a needle in a haystack to get answers. It has been a relief to find your blog. I particularly enjoyed your most recent post.

Wishing you the best of luck,

11:32 PM  

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