Thursday, March 30, 2006

iPod down, I repeat, iPod down... immediate assistance reqested!

It was a sad afternoon yesterday in the office. I was listening to Champaign Supernova by Oasis when the event happened, my iPod ceased to work. I had suspected something was amiss a short time early when I heard the hard drive inside acting funny. Well, looks like I was right, because shortly after Champaign Supernova started it stopped, and nothing ever happened on the iPod again.

At first I didn’t think this was a big deal. I’ve had my flash MP3 player go down before. I just had to take it home, reflash it, load up the music, and I was good to go. I figured it would be a similar thing here. So, when I got home from work I went to the support page and tried everything it told me to. Unfortunately, none of that worked. I went through the channels on and they’ll be sending me a package that I’ll ship them my iPod in. It’s heading out to Cali ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully they can fix it real quick like and get it back to me. I’m not too concerned about not having it, although it will make working out at the gym that less enjoyable, and I don’t have music to listen too at work anymore. It’s nothing I can’t deal with for a few weeks.

I’m still working on beating Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the XBOX 360. I only have a few missions left. I’ll probably beat it this weekend. Then, I’ll play through it on hard and beat it that way. I played through some cool missions last night where I finally rescued the president from the rebels. However, the nuclear football is missing, so now I’ve got to play through the missions to get that back, and eventually find the main bad guy and do what we can against him. I have a feeling that we won’t get him in this game, which won’t be that bad of a deal since actually it’s realistic, and we’ll have already accomplished the main goals, saving the Mexican and American President and securing the nuclear football.

I think I’m going to trade in my XBOX now, and the remaining games I don’t play for it. I’ll keep Halo 2 and Forza, but the rest are going to Gamestop. Hopefully I can get 70 bucks or so, enough to get a new game for the 360. I’m not taking back my ‘Cube or PS2 yet, since I still have great games for that to finish, which I need to get back to doing. I’ve decided I’m not going to allow myself to buy any more new games, not matter how much that pains me, until I’ve beaten all the ones I still have, and that’s a good sized list. I have a habit of playing a game right up until I’m almost at the point where you beat it, and then I put the game down. Don’t know why either. Maybe it’s because I don’t want it to end and I think that if I walk away it won’t, who knows? Regardless, I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. No more video games until these are all beat. One caveat to this, I do get to rent games, just not buy them.

Bushy is in Cancun today for some immigration meeting with Chavez in Mexico. I bet he wants to stop buy and watch some Spring Break wet t-shirt contests. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake, that doesn’t happen. However, a bit of Montezuma’s revenge might be deserved. No, that’s wrong, no one deserves to get the poops. I hope his trip goes well, but I don’t see anything legit coming out of this. Until Mexico starts to create jobs for it’s citizens, illegal immigration will never go away, no matter what we do.



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