Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Everything old is new again

It’s funny, how you can get such a kick looking up old friends and acquaintances online. My buddy Ryley and I spent a few hours online last night looking up people we went to High School with on We weren’t devoting 100% of our time to it, both of us were doing other things on our computers as well, but we would share anyone we found as we came across them.


Some people looked the same, some people looked different, some really fat, some much skinner, and all of them were weird to look at. It was like looking into a window of what might have been, you know? Had I been better friends with some of these people, or made different decisions in my life, would I be on some of their pages? Who knows, but it was an interesting trip down memory lane.


Ryley and I do this from time to time, usually sparked by actually stumbling across someone we were actually friends with. MySpace is an interesting site, although some people spend way too much time on it. We use it as a message board for out fantasy football league more than anything else. Others however, devote hours to making their page and friends list the best possible. I don’t really see the point, but then again, that’s not really my thing. If they enjoy doing that, good for them, it’s important to have hobbies.


Our ten year HS reunion will be next year. Although I didn’t technically “graduate” from our high school, having spent my senior year in another state, Ryley wants me to go, even if I’m his “date.”  It’d be neat to see many of the people. Who is a big loser, who isn’t? Who is still a snob? I think I’d find it fascinating, and an interesting case study. Maybe that’s why movies about reunions are always so much fun, and have such long term appeal. Everyone goes through them, sure, but in reality they’re a case study in “what if.”


Regardless of what most people think, in HS, we’re all pretty much the same. There aren’t too many limits on our lives, and our future potential is pretty much wide open. Any one person can end up just about anywhere. So, if you can take a step back, and place yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can see what your live might have been like. What if you went to this college instead of that? What if you dated this girl instead of that one? What if you’d dropped out of HS? All those questions are answered in one way shape or form when it comes to HS reunions.


I might just go with Ryley next year, if I can get Bebe to let me go. Of course, it depends on when it falls since we’re getting married next year. If it’s anywhere near the wedding its out of the questions obviously. Otherwise, I think it’d be fun, and give us a good chance to get the old gang back together for one last chance and starting some ruckus while we’re still young.




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