Friday, March 17, 2006

Funny Marcus "Buff" Bagwell story

So, I belong to a Gold's Gym in Woodstock. Nice little place. Crowd is good, with not too many huge freaks of nature who walk around like we should be honored to work out in their presence. At any rate, the professional wrestler known as Marcus "Buff" Bagwell has a member ship there. I assume he lives in the area, and it makes sense since he wrestled for WCW, which was based in Atlanta, for so many years.
At any rate, Buff was always a big dude without looking freakish. He has a build akin to a beefed up Chip 'N Dale. In other words, you don't immediately assume steroids when you see him. So, sure enough, yesterday when I came into the gym he was working out. He looks good, although he appears to be loosing his hair a bit now. He's about as tall as I am, a few inches over 6 feet, and was friendly with many of the other people in the gym I see quite often. I've only heard nice things about him in interviews I've read, he seems like a very nice and genuine person.
So, Buff gets done working out and is in the parking lot for a bit talking to some guy. I was watching him out the window as I did some sets of shoulder raises, wanting to see which car is his. I've always found the real lives of professional wrestlers fascinating, since I understand how grueling life on the road for these men and how hard that life can be on them. Buff hasn't worked the big time (i.e. WWE or WCW) in a while, and I didn't know if he still had good money or not. I was expecting him to get into maybe a nice Accord, or perhaps a G35, something nice without been outrageously expensive. Well, I see a brown minivan pull up and Buff walks up to.
No big deal, I think. Maybe it's his wife. Good for him for getting a mini van and not a giant SUV to car their kids around. Of course, I want to see what his wife looks like, so I'm looking out the window. Well, there was a woman driving, but it certainly wasn't his wife. Sure enough, in the driver seat was Judy Bagwell, Buff's mom.
How do I know it was his mom you ask? Well, Judy was involved in an angle on WCW where, and yes this is as stupid as it sounds, she was tag team champions with Buff. WCW wonders why they folded, sheesh. So, it looks like Buff isn't doing so hot, living with his parents and all.
Actually, this is mean of me, maybe his car was in the shop, I have no idea, and it's not fair to judge. I'm sure he's not doing so bad he has to have his mom cart him around. I still think it was funny that his mom picked him up from the gym though.
So, that's me second "crazy" professional wrestling story. If you want to hear about my other one, where I was helping Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall's kid try on shoes when Hall falls to the ground and has a seizure, let me know.


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