Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eventful Weekend

I had quite the weekend.


On my way home Friday I bought an XBOX 360. I have two games for it, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Perfect Dark Zero. Zero I got for free a few days ago, and honestly haven’t played it more than 30 minutes since Friday. Warfighter is the game I really wanted and has gotten most of my play time. It’s just a great game and I enjoy it a lot. If you like Clancy games, you’ll like this one too.


Saturday was basically my day to run as many errands as I could. I fumigated my car in the morning and finally got out the smell of charcoal and BBQ. I hit the gym in the morning, to avoid the crowds, and got a good workout. I got my hair cut at the salon, so now I look pimp. To end the day I hung a chandelier in the dining room, which was a pain in the ass, but it looks good. It was a busy day. When all that was said and done I played some Warfighter and hit the sack around midnight.


I didn’t sleep well that night because I had to be up at 7 to get ready for the commercial I was going to be in. I woke up at 6:55, got in the shower, ate and left around 7:45 or so. I got to the state capital about 8:20 and was there the rest of the day. I play an “evil” lobbyist in the Cathy Cox for Governor Campaign adds. At first I was just going to be in this one shot in the morning, and be out of there by 1. However, I played my role very well, and they ended up putting me in two other commercials as well. So, I didn’t get out of the capital until almost 5, which sucked. I wanted to watch the race but had to settle for the last 90 minutes.


The shoot was cool and a lot of fun, if a bit long and drawn out. Having studied video/film in college, I answered a lot of the questions the other extras had about equipment, roles, and other things about the set. I pointed out what a dolly grip was, and who did it, what the best boy was, why flags and screens are needed, and answered any other questions I could that people had. It was pretty cool.


I don’t know when the ads will start to air, but my estimates will be last summer/early fall. That should be when election season is in high gear and I expect a pretty heavy rotation for them. As is the current trend, I’m sure all of them will be posted on her website as well, so I’ll post when that happens.




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