Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Let's look at how much of a crock of shit this day is. First, everything is more expensive. Second, it's only for the women. Third, guys don't get shit (if we're lucky we get some sex). Fourth, it's not even a real holiday (which are denoted by a day off work). Fifth, would anyone really notice if Hallmark didn't push it like crack? Sixth, its on a Tuesday, how lame is that? Seventh, I've got to drop 200 bucks for dinner. Eight, it's in February, which is the lamest of all the months. Ninth, too many guys do some stupid cheesy proposal today. Finally, how lame of a saint is St. Valentine?
I've always thought today was a crock of shit, and I still do. It makes couples complain, and single people sad, so who actually gets the win here? Oh, that's right, Hallmark, restaurants, and florists.


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