Thursday, November 03, 2005

Laying the smackdown to the Cherokee County School Board!

I found this little gem today courtesy of and the
Evidently, Rich Steiner, of the famed wrestling tag team the Steiner Brothers, is running for school board.
Here's some pictures of Rick, also known as the Dog Faced Gremlin.
I can't say I know how I feel about this.
While I've loved watching Rick and his brother Scott wrestle for all of these years, nothing that's come out of Rick's mouth has been what I'd call, intelligent. Now, don't get me wrong, Rick and Scott are from Michigan, so actually they sound just like me when they talk. Both of them wrestled for University of Michigan, and both were all American in wrestling. Rick's a tough SOB who could kick the ass of most people I know, have ever met, or seen on TV. That still doesn't get me past the fact this guy isn't the smartest rose on the bush. Who knows.
It would be interesting if they had a debate and Rick cut a promo on all of his competition! Oh man, that'd be just classic.


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