Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hot off the press!

Senate Republicans are going for the ultimate power grab. They're going to give themselves absolute power, silencing Senate Democrats (and the millions of Americans they represent) by changing the rules and traditions of the Senate.

No more debate. No more dissent. No more checks and balances. Nothing stopping the Republicans from ramming the Bush agenda through.

There is no issue more urgent than this one. And we need you to take action right now.

This Wednesday, the Democratic Party and allied organizations will present more than 1 million petition signatures to Senate Democrats as a sign of support and public opposition to the Republican power grab. You must sign our petition today if you want your name presented to our leaders in the Senate:


This is what we risk. By silencing Democrats on the Senate floor, Republicans will easily approve all of President Bush's extreme right-wing judicial nominees, giving them lifetime appointments to the federal bench -- no matter what their records look like. This puts all of our values we hold dear -- civil liberties, voting rights, a woman's right to choose, education, environmental protections -- at grave risk.

The whole Republican agenda will become the law of the land because the GOP will have silenced all effective opposition.

You must take action today. Join the fight and tell our Senate leaders you stand with them in their fight to protect free speech and the checks and balances that make our democracy strong.



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