Friday, March 25, 2005

Cracker say what?

This one is for all you Michiganders out there:

Michigan State Rep. Jack Hoogendyke is on record as saying, "I don't see the need for a minimum wage at all. I think it should be up to the markets and demand for skills to determine what wages are appropriate."

I mean, this makes sense. Let the market drive wages! Yeah, because if you can't trust millionares to decide what you're worth, who can you trust?

Just remeber, if you're being paid minimum wage right now it just means that if your employer could pay you less, they would.

Also, this is the same representative who wanted to propose a bill giving legislators the power to prohibit certain classes at Universities. The legislation would have amend the Michigan constitution to:

* Require public universities each year to submit class lists to the Legislature with detailed descriptions.

* Allow the Legislature, with a two-thirds vote, to prohibit the teaching of any class at a publicly funded university.

* Allow the Legislature, with a majority vote, to withhold funding from a public university that doesn't comply with the review structure.

Because, I mean, why trust the ability of professor's at the University of Michigan to be able to decide what classes they should teach. They're only one of the top 5 Universities in the country, and possibly one of the best in the world, why should we trust them to know what they're doing?

I can see it now, "I'm sorry folks, English 404 has been cancled this year because the state legislature thought we might be teaching you to think to much for yourself. They decided you should just be little worker clones who let other people think for you."

This guy needs to be voted out of office and fast, before he can do any real harm. Fortunatly, Michigan now has Governor Jennifer M. Granholm. A real tough as nails, get shit done, type of lady. She drives Rush crazy, because he thinks all women should be back in the kitchen and rasing their families, not out doing men's work. I know Granholm will keep Hoogendyke in line. I wonder if Hoogendyke is so upset with education because too many kids made fun of his last name growing up?

Heh heh, he said dyke.



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