Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not in Mexican!

"Neither in French nor English nor in Mexican."
--Declining to answer reporters’ questions at the Summit of the Americas; Quebec City, Canada; April 21, 2001

I am proud to announce that my good friend Rayder has joined the Letters from the Left blog! He made his first post yesterday and it is quite funny. I encourage you to check it out.

Rayder and I have been friends for a few years now and I am happy to have him on board. Rayder is a true political insider as he is an aide to a US Congresswoman from Florida. I hope he will help bring on a few more insiders so we can get a good community going on here with a broad base of views and opinions.

At any rate, you’ve probably seen the commercial on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, and other nightly news shows that as the viewer to think up any ideas Democrats have had to fix social security. A clock starts to tick and they expect the average person to not think up any. And seriously, who could think any up? I mean, with all the coverage that Terry and the sick Pope are getting is there any room on the news for Democrats ideas for Social Security? Regardless, the commercial ends with the cheap arguments the social security is too important to fall prey to partisan politics. So what, we’re supposed to just go along with Bush because he’s the only one with an idea? B.S.

Well, I was pointed to an article on THE HILL today by Bob Cusack that talks a bit about the plan that Senate Democrats are going to set forth shortly. The plan’s code name is called Saving Options. The Cusack reports the document contains not just one but several legislative possibilities on how to save social Security. Imagine that, several!

Now mind you, I’m sure only one or two of the ideas will actually be presented. You see, Democrats have a habit of thinking before they speak. So, I’m sure that some of the ideas contained in the document are not feasible, and the research that is going into them right now will show that. Thus, of all the options in the document, the ones left standing after the research will be the ones presented. Heed my warning now, the Reds will be all over this shortly and will find the one idea in there that looks the most crazy and yell and holler and make everyone think that is the idea the Democrats have. When in fact, none have been formally presented, and none are even in existence other than those on this piece of paper which is not technically a public document.

All in all, I look forward to some of the proposals put forth by the Democrats in the House and Senate. Unlike Bush’s plan, which seems to have new numbers for it each week, the Democrats will be able to explain why other ideas of theirs didn’t work. And then, perhaps with the right amount of logic, look into ways that with some changing they can use in other aspects of promoting savings in this country.

Enough of that though, now onto someone who has really gotten under my skin, and I am talking about Karen Brauer. She’s the pharmacist who says she was “fired for refusing to fill a prescription for birth control pills.” Media Matters for America, a phenomenal site by the way, has a nice exposé of her up on their site. The matter at hand her is whether or not pharmacists have the right to refuse to give you meds, regardless of what type, because that med goes against their beliefs. Evidently, pharmacists that are anti birth control (these are the same people who are against abortion but refuse to help poor women with any support for their kids) want to be able to refuse to give out birth control because they are “morally” against it. There are several instances of this happening and, as Media Matters points out, Mississippi even passed a bill that makes it legal for health care workers to refuse any service they object too.

The bottom line here is who the hell do these pharmacists think they are? I already have to deal with people in Georgia telling me what days I can and can’t buy alcohol, you’re telling me I have to deal with people that tell me what meds I can and can’t take? Where does this stop? What if they decide that they don’t want to give out antibiotics because it’s they view that the good Lord will take care of you. What if they don’t want to give my father his blood pressure medication because they said the people who make the medication also make abortion pills and it’s against their morals to support them. What if they decide not to give someone their AIDS medication because they think they’re gay and are morally against that life style. This is the same shit.

More info on Brauer by the way, she was fired from K-Mart for not only refusing to fill the prescription, but also for lying to the customer. She said that the pharmacy did not carry the drug at the time, which was a lie. They did have it, she just didn’t have the gall to say, “I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t allow for you to live like a whore anymore. I’m just morally against it. This lady is crazy and I encourage you to read up on the Media Matters article, it’s some good stuff.


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