Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Electric sports car ready to challenge Porsche?

I thought this article was a neat read. Anyone who doubts how fast electric cars can be need only look at your little 9 volt battery powered car. Those things take off like a bat out of hell. Same principle applied here, but at a much larger scale. Since there is no combustion needed, and it’s instant power, drive trains can push power to the wheels much quicker and almost instantaneous. The problem is…you run on a battery, not gas.

GM used to have battery powered cars they were looking towards building for the future. Actually, there is a movie coming out about that called “Who Killed the Electric Car,” which I’ve seen parts for. Those things were fast, really fast, for their size. Like Civic Si fast….which is quick for a mass produced little compact sedan.

A Silicon Valley start-up is expected to show off an electric car this summer that it says can hang with Porsches and Ferraris and has attracted investments from the founders of Google and eBay.

Tesla Motors says its Tesla Roadster can accelerate, brake and handle like a high-end sports car. The company, in fact, claims the car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in four seconds.


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