Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Giving up the poops

I’ve been using Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 10 lbs bag of protein for a while now. The stuff tastes great and if you get the 10 lbs bag you save a ton of money. At any rate, I ordered my last bag from, as I always do, and a few days later it arrived via UPS. A few days after that, when I ran out of the last bag, I opened up the new bag.

Right off the bat I noticed it smelled different. This isn’t unusual, each protein maker has it’s own smell, and even two containers of the same protein can smell a bit different. It all has to depend on the type of whey protein used and the manufacturing process. At any rate, this smelled more different that usual, it smelled odd, like not right. Something inside me said something was wrong, but being the ignorant ass I was I used some to make a shake anyway. Man did I pay the price. My stomach felt like crap, I got the worst gas, and paid the price on the toilet later. You’d think this was enough to make me stop right? Wrong. I continued to use it. Well, after two days of this I stopped. I decided I was giving up the poops.

I called yesterday and they’re sending me out a new bag. I’m going to play the odds and say this stuff will be fine, just like the other bags I’ve had before it. Allstar was pretty good about it too; the only bad part is I have to send back the bag, which will cost me a few bucks in shipping, which sucks.



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