Monday, June 05, 2006

The top issue in congress right now

Lets see, what is going on in America right now that’s effecting everyone…. High gas prices, troops on Iraq, government corruption, Cynthia McKinney attacking people, middle class getting squeezed, wasted government funds in Katrina repair, boarder security, Paris Hilton being a celebrity for some reason. You’d think that the congress would want to tackle any of these issues, you know, the ones that actually affect our lives. Well, you’d be wrong because that’s not what’s on their plate. Instead, they’re going to debate a change to the constitution to ban gay marriage, again.

Those of you who watch the news, or do something other than just wallow in your own filth, might remember the last time they did this, before the last election. You see, this has no chance of passing. No one is going to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage, that’s just dumb (well, maybe some will, but not a significant amount). Regardless of how you feel about the issue, it’s really not a constitution amending worthy item, I mean come on… At any rate, congress knows that this isn’t going to pass too, which is exactly why they’re doing it.

Congress can’t get anything done right now that’s worth much. The fact of the matter is that when they do try to pass a decent piece of legislation it’s weighed down by partisan crap and ear marks which turn the bill into a shell of its former self. In addition, some of the things they need to do might just tick off rich people, who are really all that politicians care about nowadays anyway, so they can’t do that. Instead, to rally support, they bring up something worthless that will not affect the lives of anyone from one day to the next, gay marriage.

See, if they bring up gay marriage, all of the “common folk” get all excited. “Yeah, them faggots don’t need to get married, that’ll ruin the sanctity of marriage” says one fella. I remind you, this is the same fella who has been married three times, and we know that being married three times doesn’t do anything to tarnish the sanctity of marriage. This way, while the common folk are distracted, they don’t have to do anything that matters. They’re going to rally the base, get them all uppity, to turn them out at the polls.

And you know why they need to do that? Because people are angry, and in an off year election (a year when there is not a Presidential race) the people who turn up to vote are the people pissed off. And when people are pissed off incumbents have a habit of losing. Thus, rally the common folk around a single, non substantial issue, get them to turn out to support the legislator who will “vote in their interests to prohibit faggots from being married” and one hopes that they can offset all the angry people.

Problem with this is, most people are starting to catch on.

Watch this backfire this week. No one really cares about this issue, not with everything else going on right now.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

“vote in their interests to prohibit faggots from being married”

Hell yeah, don't give them faggots nothing. Those pink shirt wearing, 64 calorie beer drinking QUEERS.

1:23 PM  
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