Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday's schmoosdays

I was home sick yesterday, thus no post.

My trip to Savannah this weekend was great. It was really nice seeing all my old friends again and being in the city I went to college in for a few years. I was really able to show Bebe around town this time, instead of just pointing out a few things as we drove through like the last time we were there.

Savannah has changed a lot though, some for the better, some for the worse. Renovations are moving at a fast pace, which is really good. The city has far less abandoned buildings and run down areas than when I left. There are a few new structures, which for the most part blend right in, and the addition of a few key cultural buildings, such as the big museum. However, the night life has changed a bit, since Savannah is where all the students from Georgia Southern now go to party. They bring a rowdy and rude atmosphere to the town, and just don’t fit the laid back atmosphere. You used to have a lot of character in the people downtown, now all you get is (as Ryley puts it) ten guys, one haircut.

My friends dragged Bebe and I to a drag show Saturday night, which was….interesting, to say the least. Now, Bebe and I live in Atlanta, the gay capital of the south, so we’re used to seeing men and women who have some “unusual” lifestyles, no big deal. However, we’ve come to expect this “unusual” lifestyle to be top notch. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Savannah. I was a bit let down by the drag show. No one really performed, they just trotted around and lip synced, and they didn’t even look like women much. Oh well, I’m sure Ryley will bust my balls for this.

I’ve been informed by Eduardo Lopez that Jason Lee is a Scientologist. Why don’t I believe Eduardo is his real name? At any rate, is this a bad thing? Is he a normal scientologist, or a Tom Cruise scientologist? Does he really believe we’re descendants of aliens? Please, Eduardo, enlighten me as to the significance of this news.

Now, a little bit about women drivers. Do they understand that you don’t need to be pressing the gas or brake at all times? With them it’s either press down on the gas, or instantly press down on the brake. It’s like they’ve never heard of coasting to slow down. All I know is that my neck is killing me.



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