Friday, May 12, 2006

Big Weekend

This week should prove to be eventful, if not hectic. I’ve got my first Braves game Saturday night. My seats are on the tenth row in the dugout section behind home plate, so it should be pretty sweet. We’re playing the Nationals so hopefully we can pull out a win.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. We’re going to the Georgia Aquarium, which is going to be a disaster. Actually, I’m sure it will be just fine, what I’m not looking forward to is my future mother in law complaining the whole time about how many people are there. She wouldn’t be happy unless there are like only 100 other people there other than us.

E3 comes to a close today and boy has it been an exciting one. Microsoft seems to be moving along in a strong path with many very good titles coming up soon, and with the revelation that the Halo 3 trailer was indeed rendered in real time on the 360 hardware I’m psyched. Sony looks like they’ve made a few miscalculations in just what they think the PS3 should do and cost. I don’t see Sony going away and I’m sure they’re going to do well, but I’ve heard more than enough people saying that they’re going to wait util the system drops to at least 400 bucks before they pick one up. The big winner looks like it might be Nintendo. I read one article that stated, “It’s not that people are saying the only system they’ll but is the Wii, but the fact that the second system people they say they’re going to buy is the Wii. It’s always the 360 and the Wii, or the PS3 and the Wii. You almost never hear someone say the 360 and the PS3.” I’m more excited about getting my hands on the Wii than the PS3 at this point. Using their new controller seems like it’s just so much fun!



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