Thursday, May 11, 2006

Democrats lead GOP by double digits

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A CNN poll released Wednesday may continue the anxiety for the GOP, showing Democrats with a 14-point advantage over Republicans among registered voters asked their preferences in this year's midterm elections.

The poll, conducted for CNN by Opinion Research Corp., found that 52 percent of respondents who were registered voters said they were leaning toward voting for a Democrat, while 38 percent said they were leaning toward a Republican.

Ten percent said they didn't know how they would vote or that they would choose a candidate not from the two major parties

Among all Americans, the poll found 50 percent leaning toward Democrats, 37 leaning toward the Republicans and 3 percent intending to vote for non-majority candidates. Ten percent had no opinion.

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Now, obviously I feel like my party would better lead this country, and have believed that since I was like nine. However, I’m not always thrilled with my party’s leadership and think that they lack a spine. Also, I’m not apposed to Republicans holding office (I like Spector and Collins a lot, and think Lindsey Grahmn is a good guy as well, although I may not agree with them on everything) and actually think that the country is most effective when things are as 50/50 as possible, with the President being the wild card (and that’s the way it should be too). Too much power to either side is dangerous, regardless of the party in power.

Anyway, looks like things are going to even out a bit after this election, although I don’t think the Democrats will get a majority in either house. I do think that things will be within 5 seats in the house and two seats in the senate, and when you throw in the independents that usually vote left it makes those numbers almost even. If the democrats do win a majority it will be by default, not because of anything they are offering.

Oh, and don’t listen to this “America is pissed at both sides” crap on TV. Fact is, the Reds run the show, period. The Democrats have no real power right now, and therefore can’t really do much of anything other than filibuster from time to time. If you can’t call a hearing you have no stroke, that’s the way it works. I’m not saying it’s wrong, because that’s how the constitution says it is, I’m just saying that it’s hard to try to spread blame when one side has no influence. It’s like blaming the Finns for World War 2. Were they there when it was all going down? Sure. Could they do anything about it? Not really.




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