Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Detroit Sports Round-Up

Here is the Detroit Sports Round-Up:

Red Wings – Coming off a scorching season (54-15-8) the ‘Wings are looking at home ice through the playoffs. However, home ice really doesn’t mean too much for the tough as nails ‘Wings who’ve lost just once outside The Joe since early January. The ‘Wings tied a league record for most away victories in a season Saturday, the record was set by the Devils in the 98-99 season. Look for the ‘Wings to continue their hot streak for the last few games and roll into the first round of the playoffs with a strong head of steam. Let’s hope they don’t repeat the debacle of the ’96 playoffs, losing to San Jose in the first round when they were expected to sweep the series and probably win the cup.

Pistons – Do you know how hard it is to win eighty percent of your games (62-15), it’s incredibly hard, especially in the NBA. The Pistons have put the pedal down and ripped through just about everyone this season. Shaq? Sit down and shut up. Duncan? Eat is fanboy. Iverson? Go back to the ‘hood. Bryant? Go bang a white chick. Few teams have had any success against them this year and that doesn’t look to change as they roll into the play offs. The Eastern Division looks like ass, with several teams getting into the playoffs with records that put them under .500. This hasn’t happened since the 90s if I’m not mistaken. My money is on a Piston vs. Spurs final again this year, and I don’t see a problem with that. The past series have been great and there doesn’t really look like anyone else out there who can hang with either of those teams.

Tigers – Right now the Tigers have a winning record, 5-2, but who knows how long that will keep up. Fortunately, the only team in Detroit worse than them doesn’t play in the MLB, so they’ve got that going for them too. Look for the young team and old franchise continue to try and figure out how to get things going this season. They’ve got some decent talent now, not all star material but certainly enough to get them to the playoffs. The challenge is to keep the pitching staff healthy and the fielding strong. You do those two things, the hitting will take care of itself more often than not, it usually does. I expect to see them stay close to .500 this season, flirting with putting decent streaks together here and there. It’s too early to put together much else of a prognosis, by the middle of May we’ll really see what they’re going to be playing with.

Lions – Thank God the NFL is off season. This way, I don’t have to hear about how bad the Lions are each week.



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We got to 63-15, which ties for the franchise record. Yay!

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