Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Boy, did I get all worried for nothing

I talked to Bebe about the sleeping issue yesterday. I should have done so much sooner. She felt bad that I hadn’t said something because I thought I’d upset her. Bebe was totally understanding about wanting to go to bed earlier. We decided that if it becomes an issue with her watching her shows, we’d just put the cable box out in the living room. Right now most of what she watches is live (Prison Break, House, etc) but on the odd occasion she doesn’t catch her shows live (like Grey’s Anatomy) she’ll watch from our DVR, which records them just in case. If she’s having trouble keeping up with her shows because of me going to bed earlier, as I said, we’ll just move the box out into the living room. Looks like I got all worried for no good reason. By the way, I slept like a rock last night since I was able to go to bed earlier.

I’ve been chomping on some Better Made Potato Chips the last few days. I ordered some from last week. For those of you outside the greater Detroit metro area, Better Made is a brand of chips and snacks that are only available there. How do they make money, you ask? Simple, everyone in Detroit eats them. Sure, there are Lays and Ruffles and Tostitos at the stores, but most everyone I know buys Better Made. While Bebe and my neighbor John say they can’t taste the difference in the regular chip, both agree that the sweet BBQ and sour cream and onion did taste better than the regular name brand chips. You can get a 4-pack from for about 11 dollars plus shipping. I got my order three days after placing it.

On the weight lifting front I’m back over 200 pound for the first time in about six months. I look good too. Unlike in the past when I was seriously lifting, I have a kitchen now, and therefore can eat much better. My build is much slimmer than a few years ago, so my muscles are more pronounced. I’ll keep downing the protein and eating the whole grain carbs probably until the end of this month. Then, I’ll switch my diet around a bit to drop some weight and trim up even more when it comes time to start going to the pool again.

Bebe got a call this morning to sub at the high school she student taught at. Unfortunately she’s going to look at a location for our wedding today with her mother. However, she has already agreed to sub for the department head on Friday, which will be nice. I know she already misses teaching. On the plus side, her old host teacher called yesterday to tell her another position in the social studies department was going to open up, and not to take a position anywhere else until she hears back from them. Bebe was excited about that, she’d really like to teach full time there.



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