Monday, April 10, 2006

So what now?

Big storms came through Atlanta this weekend. You may have seen some of the coverage on CNN, which made it out to be total pandemonium, which is wasn’t. Supposedly there were four tornados that touched down, but it was nothing like what had hit Tennessee, so lucky for us. Nothing much to report for my area, although we did have some bad weather for a while Saturday night which made things a bit scary.

I had done a bit of boozing Friday night with my neighbor John, playing some Ghost Recon and watching some baseball, and was woken early Saturday morning (around 4 or so is my guess) to horrible thunder and lightening. All discombobulated, I stumbled out of bed to see what was going on. It was raining really heavy and the wind was terrible, I could hear hail pelting the sides of my house, but when I turned on the tele none of the truly severe weather was going to hit us. So, I meandered back into bed and went to sleep.

A few trees were down in the area, one of which blocked a road to my gym, but not much else. A few miles south of us there was some really bad damage, so I don’t even want to know what was going on there. I guess my biggest fear is that a tornado will hit while we’re asleep, so we won’t hear the sirens. I guess there’s not much you can do about that, other than to buy a study home, of which, I don’t currently own.

Worked some more on Kingdom Hearts 2, which has thus far been a real blast to play. I’d say it’s as good, if not better, than the first. My only gripe has been the “Little Mermaid” stage, which has so far been no fun at all to play. I was really psyched to start playing the Tron stages last night though. I look forward to getting through the rest of them today. I’m also starting to bump into some more Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Tifa, and the girls from FFX-2, which was sort of neat. Could was wicked cool in the first Kingdom Hearts, so I look forward to seeing what he’s up to in this one.

Congress is out for their “Spring Recess,” just in time for more immigration protests. I still am not sure where I stand on the issue. I’m encouraged to see and hear about some progress, partisan or not, on the issues in the legislature, but haven’t heard anything as of yet that truly strike a chord with me. I have noticed the protests starting to wave more American flags, which was one of my big gripes to begin with. How can I want to give someone who is here illegally MY rights when they don’t even try to assimilate to MY country? I’m all about sharing and letting people into MY country, so it can be THEIR country as well, but with that comes some sacrifices, and that means becoming an American, not a Mexican living in America. We’ll see where things continue to progress this week and next.

It looks like we’re in for another expensive summer for gas prices. You know, half the time I just think all of it is such BS. As if the oil and gas companies think up all these reasons why that should be able to charge you more, but if this stuff doesn’t happen, we don’t get any of that money back. It’s like we’re paying them insurance on a product we don’t get any of the insurance money over. It doesn’t make sense to me. They can charge us more for stuff BEFORE it happens, thus absorbing their increased costs up front, but then, if things don’t happen, those increased costs are just absorbed as profit. I say, F’em.





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