Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cynthia, you so crazy

While I obviously lean left, I’m not without scorn for my own party. Our girl, Cynthia McKinney smacked some cop because, believe it or not, he was asking to see her security badge.

Now, I was watching CNN last night and heard her say this, and this is a direct quote, “People in the capital, and around the world where I travel, recognize me without having to see a badge. I don’t understand why this police officer didn’t.” Cynthia, sister, I’ve got news for you, no one “around the world” knows who the hell you are, and certainly no one cares.

This woman is a nut job. Imagine, she rushes past security, no lapel pin or badge in sight, and doesn’t stop for police when requested. In addition, you can assume she is poorly dressed as well, as she doesn’t have a very good sense for fashion, and combine that with a man who, and I know this is an incredible thought, doesn’t know who she is, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

As expected, Cynthia is hiding behind the race card, which she has done before when she’s done something she shouldn’t have. Cynthia, sister, we can’t take someone who questions the president’s responsibility for his actions seriously when she won’t take responsibility for her own. Hopefully, and I mean this seriously, she will be beaten in the next election, again, and be gone forever. She is a stain on our party, and more importantly, the metro area where I live.

It’s not a racial thing Cynthia, it’s you.





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