Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Congress has one less Delay

Looks like Tom is calling it quits. Good for him, he looks tired.


Now he can continue to do all the work for the lobbyists he’s done such a good job at, and have it be 100% legal this time.


The guy is a piece of crud and I’m glad to see him go. While it would have been nice to see him beaten by the guy he helped unseat with his Texas redistricting, I’ll settle for this.  


I don’t know why it is about the guy that bothers me. Maybe it’s his constant grin, even when everyone knows he’s wrong but he won’t admit it. Maybe it’s his arrogance, thinking he can get away with anything. Maybe it’s because he dismisses any opinion that’s not of his or his party’s line. Maybe it’s all of those things, who knows? Regardless, he’s come to symbolize everything that’s wrong in congress right now (left, right and center, although mostly right).


Have a good one Tom, hopefully you won’t still have to go to jail. Wait a second; hopefully you will have to go to jail. Think of it as penance for all the heinous times you made people listen to you sing. Leave the singing to Ashcroft, Tom, leave it to Ashcroft.




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