Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Better Tomorrow 2

So, I started watching A Better Tomorrow 2 last night. I didn't know what to expect since they killed off Chow Yun Fat's character, Mark, in the last one.
The movie opens with the main character from the last one, Yung, in prison. There is some new mafia scheme where some guys want to buy out some old mafia guy (who has been retired for 15 years and is now legit) failing port. Anyway, Yung gets recruited by the police to assist in figuring out what's going on with the port deal, which he reluctantly accepts when he figures out his younger brother is undercover and also involved.
A bunch of people get blown up and shot.
Yung is talking with some artist guy who draws comics based on stories Yung told him about he and Mark. The artist show Yung a picture of two boys. Yung asks who they are, and the artist tells him that they are a picture of Mark and his twin brother, Ken, who is evidently even more of a badass than Mark was.
Obviously, Yung wants Ken's help, buy Ken lives in NY and has his own issues with the NY mafia.
More people are killed.
Everyone meets up back in Hong Kong ready to get to the bottom of this shady mafia port scheme.
I had no idea how they were going to reintroduce Chow Yun Fat back into this movie, as his character was obviously the coolest from the first one. I have to say that this "twin" thing was a bit cheesy, but hey, at least they didn't magically bring him back to life saying he survived 40 rounds to the chest.
A few things have become apparent while watching this movie.
1. This must have taken place before the new stringent vehicle crash tests mandated by the government because any time a vehicle is smashed or shot at, seconds later it explodes. I had no idea so many people must have died during innocent fender benders back in the day due to their cars exploding.
2. You can shoot 39 rounds out of a hand gun before you have to reload.
3. It is possible to go through an entire gun fight with a cigarette in your mouth and not have the smoke bother your eyes.
4. The Hong Kong Mafia have the coolest old school 70s style sun glasses ever.
5. If a car is driving at you full speed and you shoot at it, you will always hit the driver right between the eyes which will cause the car to swerve, crash, and blow up a few seconds later.
I haven't gotten to the end yet but plan on finishing it tonight.


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