Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today is the first day of the rest of my career

Well, I'm out of here folks!
I had my third interview with the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia yesterday and it went extremely well. It went so well in fact that I they called me on my way home to make an offer.
Although I told my future boss "I was certain I would accept the position, I was going to talk it over with Bebe, and let him know tomorrow." Well, it's tomorrow now, and I will call him later today to let him know.
I feel really good today, better than I have for some time. I came into the office today, turned on my computer, and wrote my letter of resignation (effective February 15th). I'm sure it's not the first thing my current boss wants to see today, but oh well, that's not my problem.
Here's a few reasons why I'm leaving Trandotcom Solutions:
1. I am on my 4th boss in under two years.
2. They have never once followed through on any promises.
3. I am not doing what I interviewed for.
4. I have little faith in senior management.
5. I don't think anyone truly wants to make things better around here.
6. I'm paid below the average for someone of my experience in my position.
7. I'm treated like a kid.
8. My suggestions are not taken seriously.
9. No one truly cares whether or not I'm happy.
10. I've expressed my frustrations and unhappiness with several members of management to no avail.
11. There is no room for advancement.
12. I can't see myself here any longer.
I think that's a good list of reasons to leave a company.
Let me tell you a bit about where I'm going. First, the job is with the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia as a Business Analyst. This is a "state government" job, so the corporate mentality will be much different than what I deal with now. Second, I'll be making 25% more money annually. That's a big jump in pay for me, but in reality it's the average amount of money someone of my experience should be making for that position. That should give you some perspective how underpaid employees of my scale are at Tran. Third, 15 days paid vacation, 10 days paid sick leave, 12 paid holidays, full health, life, disability, and dental insurance. Take that and your TAW time Tran! Fourth, pension, enough said.
It was really a no brainier for me. This position is more in line with my overall career goals and I'm excited to get started.


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